This system is no longer linked using analog radios. To talk the full State of Maine you may use the DMR system on Maine State Wide.

 73 Dave KQ1L

The Maine Linked Repeater System is a wide area network of amateur radio repeaters which share traffic between all linked repeaters. When one repeater is keyed-up by receiving a signal from an amateur radio operator, all of the other repeaters in the network are also activated and will retransmit the same signal.

The specific requirements of each receiver in the system are listed below. Select the location nearest to you to determine how to access the network.

A Project of KQ1L


 Many thanks go out to the Repeater owners and Clubs who have help me with this project. Because of this, Amateur radio, especially the Maine Amateurs, can be proud of what we as a team have put together here in Maine.

Dave KQ1L

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